Hewy's Story. 

The story on how Hewy Designs came about.

Hewy designs was Est 1990, by Hewy with a loan from PYBT (now know as The Prince's Trust) hewy wanted to be a graphic designer but due to being dyslexic and schooled in the 80s, art school was not going to happen it was the sign of them times No English cse No art school it was that simple.   But that never stopped hewy in following his dream, so leaving college one day after having a epiphany to become a paint sprayer, which he did. Years spent being a apprentice and then ending up at Lotus cars Hethel. He then faced unemployment, this was a new start after being helped by a good friend hewy picked up a airbrush for the 1st time and started do custom work from that friends garden in a shed, after a good summer of 1990, he found PYBT after going on a course the job centre was running.
    This went on to what is now HEWY DESIGNS, hewy airbrushed for 10 years running the business from a small workshop in North Elmham, in the mid 90s hewy was asked if he would like to train as a tattooist, this took hewy on a different path, after a few ups and downs he ended up in studio in March in cambs, then after a good few years he started tattooing closer to his home, and in 2003 he was tattooing in Norwich and this is where he now tattoos in his own studio called HD13.
      Hewy after tattooing for 20+ years wanted something new, and this is where 3d printing started to happen and so he learnt fusion 360 and now 3d prints products for his hobby Airsoft, hewy runs 7 printers 5 fdm and 2 resin. As well as 3d resin moulding and 3d scanning his moulded creations can be seen all over his tattoo studio HD13. These 3d art pieces which are gold leafed and has both elements of taxidermy and resin are for the 1st time going to be seen and for sale on this site as well as his 3d printed products.          

Hd13 Hewy's tattoo studio

Hewys main thing is his tattooing, and his tattoo studio HD13. It was born out of a idea after working for another studios and felt it was time to move on, being self-employed is one thing but running a successful tattoo studio is another. Hd13 was born Nov 2014, just before hewys 2nd back op, we now have a great team of 4 loyal  artists which covers all styles of tattooing, hewy is old school
tattooist who was taught at street shops so he doesn't have one
style of tattooing, he can tattoo all styles, all shapes and all sizes with great quality and even greater rates. 
 With well over 25 years of tattooing under his belt. 

Contact Hewy on
(01603)662255 or 07702550225